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Discover the Secrets to
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... While making cooking and grocery shopping easier, avoiding food allergies and serving delicious healthy meals.

Creative cooks adapt recipes and create delicious meals without recipes. It's easier than you think and very pratical. I'll show you how to cook creatively with the ingredients you have available, and make grocery shopping easier by avoiding trips to the store just to get the ingredients that you don't have. I'll also include some favorite recipes with suggestions for adapting them. Soon you'll be creating your own yummy recipes.

Cooking without recipes is fun and very rewarding. You'll be proud of your creations and receive raves about your creativity. You'll learn to cook creatively with tips and inspiration from this site and some practice.

The key to cooking creatively is knowing how to substitute ingredients and how to use seasonings and spices. Cooking is both an art and a science. It's based on checmical interactions, but you need to know more about the art and very little about the science of cooking.

Mother and daughter - home cooking

I first learned to cook from my mother who measured every ingredient very carefully and strictly followed recipes. She had a few favorites memorized but at all other times the recipe was there on the counter - usually one she had clipped from a magazine or obtained from a friend. She had very few cookbooks.

Joy of Cooking - one of my favorite cookbooks

When I started cooking on my own, more than 40 years ago, I bought myself The Joy of Cooking by Irma Rombauer and Marion Becker. I now have a good collection of cookbooks but I still refer to that copy of The Joy of Cooking more than most of them. It's a great basic cookbook.

Cooking for Food Allergies

My husband's food allergies forced me to learn cooking substitutions. It seemed a daunting chore when he first discovered his food allergies, but now I love the freedom that creative cooking gives me and the wonderful satisfaction when my concoctions turn out really great. If someone in your family suffers from food allergies, see my Cooking for Allergies section and my Cooking Substitutions Chart.

Healthy Recipes

You can also use the Cooking Substitutions Chart for creating healthy recipes. Whether you want to reduce calories, lower fat or carbohydrates or increase fiber, substituting ingredients in recipes can accomplish your goal.


Creative home cooking is fun and produces delicious, healthy recipes with ease. I hope the tips, articles and books at I Love Creative Cooking will provide you with inspiration and a valuable kitchen and cooking resource. Bon appétit.

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